So fresh, so clean

“There is no growth without change”. 

Someone, somewhere probably said that at some point. And here I am repeating it now with no proper citation (!!) My English and Psych professors would be so proud. #sorry

All plagiarism aside, I am babbling on to say that this is a new take on an old blog, a fresh start, and a way for me to both hone and expand my interests, creative and otherwise.

I started Shugurcän (the old one) nearly three years ago, at the young tender age of 17. I was a new vegan, passionate about learning the ropes and sharing my knowledge.

While that’s still definitely an interest of mine (#veganandproud), there is more to my identity than health and dietary choices.

Shugurcän (the new one) is an answer to the other sides of myself. These are the areas that I wished I could address but didn’t think the old blog was the appropriate setting, or- in some cases- wasn’t yet comfortable enough with to air to the vast online world.

As I age, I learn to become more accepting of myself, my perceptions and their flaws, my likes/dislikes. So the purpose of this new blog is to share those other, more hidden sides of my life.

If you’re here just for recipes and health tips, stick around! There will still be more of that.

If you become easily offended at liberal musings/pseudo-propoganda, sarcasm, vague pop-culture references, or the overuse of #hashtags*, this may not be the site for you.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, perspective and relatability** sprinkled with some cool music suggestions, please stay and read and share with me!!


*P.S. I know that hashtags don’t even make sense on this platform and IDGAF

**P.P.S. I also know this isn’t a word, but it works

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