Young & Twee- Ethical Fashion Picks for Spring/Summer 2015

As a “20-something”, “millennial”, “Gen-Y’er” or whatever other term is being thrown on our generation these days, I’ve struggled a bit with finding balance within the world of young adult fashion.

Trendy, fast-fashion is in. This stuff is not style that you can expect to last longer than the life cycle of the latest meme.


However, we lust after it nonetheless- shirts that show our social/political awareness or skirts that insinuate our drug preferences probably don’t have long staying power, but they sure do sell.

One reason I find this problematic is that this is stuff you’ll see yourself coming and going in.

“How clever of me to find this cool, provocative clothing item on some obscure Etsy page. I’m so original!”

“Oh, you have a slightly different variation of the same item? Well, damn…”

Okay, maybe if it doesn’t bother you to have the same shirt slogan as your bestie, roommate, and that kid in your Psych class.
But if you’re really the culturally and environmentally sensitive person your clothing choices make you out to be, you should reconsider your devotion to fast-fashion.

Fast = cheap = made overseas in subpar working conditions using subpar materials = bad for the the earth and the people making your clothing.

Now this is a generalization that doesn’t apply to all “trendy” brands/companies, but does apply to many.

What we can do instead is choose to buy items that are made ethically and sustainably with an emphasis on local, small-scale design/production, fair trade practices, etc.

These 6 finds are a few hot items on my wish list this season. They are all vegan and super twee (in a good way)- great for invoking your inner femininity & playfulness.

Several of the items listed here are certified sweatshop free and all are pretty adorable. Maybe even, dare I say, cutester? These pieces are perfect for travel, staycations, summer concerts, whatever!

Below, I’ve provided a kickass summer playlist to complement the new additions to your wardrobe. It features tracks by all female singers and many completely female bands, all of super talented.

Go forth and enjoy your new look and new tunes. Happy styling/happy summer!


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