FRINGE Zine/Winter Reading List

I started a project and- unlike many before it- I finished! (Funny how that happens when you impose strict deadlines.)

It’s called FRINGE and it’s a brief publication focused on everything I like- Food, fashion, art, culture. Basically, an extension of this blog, with more room for creative freedom.

I want ensure that I’m covering topics you like too- which is why I’m extending an invitation for suggestions, contributions, criticism.

The plan is for FRINGE to be released bimonthly, with both digital and physical versions.

Physical copies will be limited to used book stores and coffee shops around Greensboro. But if you live out of town (OR want to save paper OR want to see the issue in full color) you can check out the online mag by following THIS LINK.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to read, giving you plenty of extra time to check out my suggested winter reading list. It’s a roundup of the best poignant, surreal, culturally-focused and aesthetically-pleasing publications around right now.


Ugly Girl Gang, Issue #1 – Illustrations by Tuesday Bassen (Los Angeles, CA)


HIGH* – Photos “celebrating weed and the boys who smoke it” by Carlos Santolalla (San Francisco, CA)



The Bag I’m In – “Underground music & fashion in Britain, 1960-1990” by Sam Knee (London, England)



Megahex– Stoner dark comedy-turned-commentary on sexuality/mental illness by Simon Hanselmann (Tasmania, Australia)


Virtual Candle – A collection of comics, drawings and stick & pokes by HTML Flowers (Melbourne, Australia)



Wine & Bowties – Art, music and culture publication (Oakland, CA)



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