Midweek Mashup

It’s warming up here, which means I can finally eat ice cream again without aggravating my vataThis recipe brings me back to my recent travels to Singapore, where ice cream sandwiches are literally a slab of ice cream served between a thick piece of milk bread– or better yet, rainbow bread.


Oh, and it just so happens to be dairy-free (if you nix the condensed milk topping, which you shouldn’t). Alternatively, try this.

And, on a similar note: the Hong Kong street food that’s taking over Instagram.

If you prefer reading about food to eating it, who are you, you monster? Might as well tell me you also sometimes “forget to eat“. Although I will never understand your kind, I do enjoy a good article on food culture. The Runcible Spoon, a D.C.-based “food & fantasy” zine, is full of ’em. Just discovered it, wondering how did I not know about this sooner?

Another one I wish I’d found sooner is Render– for those of us that like our sustenance served with a side of social justice (and lots of great cocktail recipes).

While we’re on the topic of food, check out one of my favorite music videos on the web right now- Swedish girl, Spanish name, Asian influence, chanting about belly buttons (in what she describes as a “beauty orgy“.

Here’s another one that- albeit slightly disturbing- is so aesthetically interesting, you can’t not watch the whole thing several times over.

Actually, I recommend anything that Lazy Mom makes. I also recommend anything that Pill makes. Combine the two and you have pure perfection.

And one more video, just for kicks, from London-based Kero Kero Bonito.

In other music news…

While all the lucky bums with no obligations are relishing in the last few days of South by, I’ll be living vicariously through Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds. Not that that’s a bad thing- you can have almost as much fun at home for practically free!

(At least that’s what I’m telling myself).              

No sweat, no lines, no overpriced booze, no tall people wandering over to block your view. If you’re dreaming of Austin but can’t be there to participate , join me (in spirit) for the next best thing with this DIY festival experience.


Step 1: Dress the part with inspiration from this year’s attendees (both novice and veteran)

Bonus: Add some Texas dirt for authenticity- grime is the new glitter!

Step 2: Get drunk (on craft beer if you’re trying to stay true to that Austin culture, or 40’s if you’re cheap)

Step 3: Pop on some tunes (perhaps paying special attention to these 25?)

Step 4: Make tacos

Once the dust has (literally) settled from your remaining 5 days of festival fun, you’ll surely need another media outlet to suck your time away.

Shockingly, that outlet may be Facebook. We all know it as the platform that became overrun by wine-drunk middle-aged women and abandoned by its original users. However, Facebook is experiencing a resurgence which might just make it cool again (but only if you’re part of the burgeoning underground scene or using it to troll).

In more media news, Leslie Arfin is the best (despite my limited enthusiasm for Girls).  Her husband‘s pretty dope too. Catch this interview with him and Gillian Jacobs about their Netflix series on pre-relationship trials and discomforts. 

Once computer vision syndrome has begun to set in, turn off the screen and pop in your headphones for Lady to Lady podcast.

It’s basically a chance to listen in on three women (plus a weekly guest) provide commentary on their lives. Not only are they hilarious, but also refreshingly honest and relatable.

In stark contrast to many L.A. creatives, there’s no overly-censored, picture-perfect representations going on here.

Follow the girls on Twitter for more fun and, please let me know:

What are the best things you found on the web this week? 









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