FRINGE 1.3, plus notes

Fringe #3 is out and about, catch it while it’s hot. The intention was there to provide “notes” on the last two issues, but now this desire has actually come to fruition. Third time seems to be the charm.

If you haven’t snagged a print copy of the zine, you can check out a digital (full-color) version here:


Thank you times a million for reading, and here are some additional resources if you fancy.

Comfort Food in the Internet Age


Some other childhood faves of mine, redone:

The Price of Nostalgia

You can find prices/details of most of the items listed here or elsewhere, because apparently Trader Joe’s fan blogs are a thing. This person even did a year-long project reviewing TJ’s products.

Thanks to What’s Good at Trader Joe’s? I’ve also discovered that “dog food for people” is a thing.

Bright Eyes Web

This took me way, way longer than it should have. I also have an entire playlist devoted to the web (plus some extras that I didn’t have room to fit).

These Shoes Rule, These Shoes Suck

Where to find the shoes featured in the article:

Black*, White*, RedBlue. All products are made from vegan materials and are sweatshop-free. Bourgeois Boheme use recycled materials for their soles, and Melissa “recycles” unsold shoes for use in the next season.

No Pants, No Problem

Several years ago Lena Dunham rocked the no-pants look, and more recently Leandra Medine also promoted the trend. Dudes are also hopping on the bandwagon.

I’d love to see pictures if you try out the style for yourself.

Here’s where I got the items featured in the zine:

The cardigan- Urban Outfitters BDG (secondhand), the flannel- Old Navy, the tank- Razzle Dazzle, the big tee- vintage, the tunic- Juicy Couture (disclaimer: I bought it in ’07/I’m owning it, so hold your judgments)

Party for a New Moon

School yourself on the moon phases, first and foremost. Need a lil rap to help you remember?

Here’s the party playlist I mentioned in the post. Use it as-is, or take as inspiration for your own compilation.

DIY Candy Wrapper Votive


White Rabbit or Mary Jane candies would also decoupage well. Stay tuned for more DIY-decorated candles to come.

Derby Girls on the Track

I recently got a new laptop (thanks Mom and Dad!)

So what’s that have to do with derby girls?


Good question! Medium story short, I had an amateur yet interesting video interview to post along with the article. BUT…. (there’s always a but, right?) I made it on my old, shitty computer which apparently doesn’t have enough disk space to properly export the video. So maybe I’ll figure it out on of these days, but whatever, it’s cool I guess….

P.S., In the meantime you can watch Whip It for some inspo/to drool over Ellen Page.

P.P.S., stay on the lookout for a derby-inspired fashion post, coming soon. Derby may be more about competition and less about show than it was in days past, but you can’t deny the style those 70’s rollers passed on to future generations. Derby ladies know how to glam it up.


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