Media of the Week

In light of current events regarding the LGBTQIA community in the US and elsewhere, I bring  you today’s post. “Media of the week”, but with a special focus on queerness. I can’t stay silent about the hate that’s been the forefront of recent media. And I can’t help but address the lack of news coverage for the violence, margilization and discrimination that queer people experience on a daily basis.

I rarely take such a serious note on this blog, but the time feels right to stand in solidarity with my friends, family and acquaintances who, due to a longstanding history of oppression and violence regarding their sexual orientation or gender identity, do not feel safe.

There is nothing I can say to make things better. My “thoughts and prayers” do not bring back lost loved ones. I just want to highlight people who are living their passion, thriving in spite of those who told them they couldn’t, bringing a voice to the LGBTQIA community and providing hope in the face of extreme darkness.

So here’s this week’s best and most relevant media.

Web SeriesBe Here Nowish

Fiery-haired vixen Alexandra Roxo (who also writes a great column for the Numinous) co-creates and co-stars in this hilarious mini series that highlights the spiritual quests of two girls in their 20’s. The other woman behind the show is Natalia Leite– she has worked with VICE and also directed her own film, Bare, which premiered at Tribeca last year.

Be Here Nowish is the answer to all the the groan-worthy spiritual (and psuedo-spiritual) Instagrams and Pinterest boards that fill our feeds. It’s not explicitly mocking these practices, just taking them in good humor, with a decent-sized grain of Himalayan rock salt.

Also, check out Alexandra and her girlfriend Orian’s Instagram for all the spiritual inspo you need, with a hint of much-needed rebellion.

Visual Art (drawings and textiles)- Camilla Engstrom


Most of Camilla’s work portrays a character named Husa (meaning “housemade” in her native tongue of Swedish). Camilla considers Husa an alter ego of sorts- portraying her ideas of sexuality in a way that she may otherwise not have an outlet for.

Camilla’s art is meant to empower and provoke. In addition to her prints, she also makes clothing/accessories and textiles. Both her personal and professional style are on point.

More Visual Art (comics)- Pillow Prinze


I really love this one. These comics are by an illustrator named Hiro from Melbourne, Australia. They write primarily about gender/race identity and mental health. Hiro has also contributed illustrations to a variety of other platforms centered around queer existence.

TV ShowPlease Like Me

At once sad, hopeful, witty and absurd yet oh so relatable, Please Like Me is a tale of not just youth but life. I hate to call it a “coming of age”, as most critics already have, which doesn’t nearly do the show justice. The main character, Josh (who also writes and directs the series) is a young 20’s Australian kid who grapples with crushes, various degrees of parental conflict, career plans (or lack thereof), mental health and other pretty universal issues (especially for a person that age). The content represents reality; it doesn’t trivialize or make a caricature of it. The result is a leading character whose struggles only increase his likability and make you feel a bit less alone in the world.


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.11.39 PM

Din Mrini, based in Florida and New York, publishes Uproot- a digital juxtaposition of text and image, plus lots of barcodes scattered in between. There are currently three issues of Uproot- each with differing content- but the major themes represented relate to gender, sex and romance. The makeup of the zine is so visually enticing and poetic- I hope Din has more issues on the works.

And finally, a vegan Golden Gaytime recipe from Rainbow Nourishments to top this all off. Go eat ice cream and collapse in sugar heap, dreaming of a world where art is queer and queer artists are the forefront of media and violence is minimized and people have the space to live and to thrive and to admire and be admired.

Thank you (for taking the time to check these out) and goodnight.




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