I’m Quincy.


This is Shugurcän (pronounced sugar cane).

What once started out as a vegan recipe blog, has since gone through several transitions, and is now a hub for food, fashion, art and culture.


Food: that nourishes*, invokes nostalgia, elicits creativity, tastes damn good

*Physically and mentally, in tune with the body’s needs and desires

Fashion: for the sustainable shopper- one who rejects consumerism and values quality products, uses style to highlight their individuality

Art: from the up-and-coming artists, that speaks on social issues, makes you feel something (many things!), provides inspiration (including, but not limited to: visual art, performance, [physical] texts, [electronic] media, and those many things that cross between categories)

Culture: subculture, pop-culture, drug culture, counterculture, high culture, low culture, multi-culture, summed up and analyzed and compiled for your intellectual stimulation or maybe just entertainment

This blog is an extension of FRINGE, a recently developed publication on these four topics. It is released bimonthly. You can read the latest issue here:


You can find me on Twitter or Instagram, and as a contributor at Peaceful Dumpling.

If you would like to get involved with Shugurcän or FRINGE (or just want to say hey!) shoot me a message at shugurcan@yahoo.com.

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